iPetrol is an all-round management software that allow you to efficiently monitor and control any Service Station.

All-round control and monitoring

Real-time viewing of the situation that tanks, pumps, sales, prices on petrol price signs, hardware, etc., are in. Remote control of temperature, security, lighting, and pump and price sign management with a single click.

Save Energy And Lighting

Absolute control of the lighting on petrol price signs and lanes using the astronomical clock and the built-in luxes sensors. Do not spend more money than necessary; do not miss refuelling due to poor lighting conditions.

Notifications And Security

With iPetrol, you will receive notifications and alarms in real time of all the processes set up at your Service Station. Fires, probes, I/O, temperatures, failures in components, vandalism, opening-closing of doors, opening-closing of safe, etc., are some of the events notified by iPetrol Push.

HD Intelligence Video

iPetrol sees everything. A CCTV system in HD to allow you to see the tiniest detail and to control the number of vehicles inside the Service Station, the direction that the flow of vehicles takes, hot spots, and the all-round possibility of controlling and reading registration plates.

Unified Communications

All-round management of IP devices and customer service by interphones that allow orders to be met in real time thanks to the use of VoIP.


iPetrol is built in the usual devices and systems within Service Stations (DOMS, VEEDERROOT, Alvic, Avalon, SAP, GASO-LINE, Roura-Cevasa, On-target, CETIL, etc.). iPetrol adopts standard protocols which permit any manufacturer to be included.