ERP and Business Intelligence

Thanks to its all-round control of all systems and the reception of all events in Service Stations, iPetrol is a tool with which competitive information can be obtained to help you ensure your business’ profit.

With iPetrol, you can easily and graphically view how your sales evolve with time, which fuels or pumps are the most efficient, which Service Stations operate better, what times more refuellings take place, the typical refuellings made, etc. With all the information available, the possibility of creating complex statistics, and thanks to the possibility of acting in real time, you can adapt the running of your Service Stations to your business requirements.

Besides, iPetrol provides information about the situation and prices of fuel in the Service Stations around you. This allows you to determine a ranking of prices in the Service Stations in a given area by establishing the actual position of your Service Station in relation to those of the competition. This allows you to act according to the competitors’ prices at all times in accordance with your competition strategy. Moreover, you can take any other type of fidelity-type actions that help attract more customers. The system allows you to prepare statistics of how the prices in your Service Stations or those of your competitors evolve over a given period of time.

This can all be done graphically, intuitively and informatively to facilitate your business management and to gain competitive advantages over your competitors.