The iPetrol software-hardware platform provides a solution for the all-round management of IP Service Station devices. This platform permits Service Stations to be ready to work in a completely secure and innovative manner, thanks to the possibility of monitoring and controlling all the systems from the iPetrol web Platform or from its Application for iOS and Android.

With iPetrol, any customer can control the high-definition CCTV system, any stolen fuel, communicating incidents in real time, changing prices on the price signs or the pumps, remote control of lighting and any other equipment, as well as the Service Stations’ indoors setting.

The iPetrol system centralises and manages any relevant information for the Service Station. The architecture of the system allows all the information to be acquired, as well as controlling and acting on all the devices in the petrol stations network. iPetrol also offers the remote monitoring of the whole Service Stations network intuitively and visually.

This architecture allows iPetrol to foresee all the information on the Service Station’s real situation at all times as it provides reports, statistics and the necessary data to analyse your business effectively.
iPetrol can also be integrated with any system that the company currently employs, thanks to its webservices interface.

iPetrol is integrated with different manufacturers of POS terminals and software for Service Stations management. So iPetrol receives information from the operations carried out by the POS terminal in real time and acts on POS terminals by communicating the various orders received directly from the SAP or the central ERP.

iPetrol obtains firsthand information about all the Service Station elements through the DOMS controller.

This interface keeps any business management system, of the SAP, ERP, CRMs types, etc., up-to-date at all times. Any sale made in the Service Station is sent to the ERP in real time.