iPetrol is an all-round management software that allows you to efficiently control any unattended Service Station as it can be controlled from an individual station to a network of stations.

iPetrol allows you to know the genuine real-time situation a Service Station is in by its all-round monitoring of all the petrol station systems, including: an HD video system, alarms of different systems, notifications from sensors, viewing sales made, monitoring the status of all devices (lighting, power, HVAC, reboot devices), etc.

And there is more because iPetrol also allows you to access valuable information for Business Intelligence strategies like: situation and prices of fuel in nearby Service Stations, how prices evolve in time, etc.

And all this can be done by remote control with either its simple Web interface or its application for Smartphones. With iPetrol, you are just one click away from completely controlling and following up your Service Station’s correct operation: control lighting, change prices on pumps and petrol price signs, opening/closing doors, connecting alarms or resetting any device in the Service Station.

With iPetrol, the customer can receive an attendance service via an IP interphone which allows direct communication with an operator who can solve any specific incidence during refuelling in real time.

iPetrol also meets the modification to the Complementary Technical Instruction, CTI MIR IP 04, in all the sections that refer to such premises. Specifically, the demand that “unattended premises shall have a monitoring system with remote access to supervise the main elements and equipment on the premises” is guaranteed.

iPetrol is the all-round solution that helps you optimise your Service Stations’ correct operation. It helps cut incidences, energy costs, personnel expenses, and offers you efficient performance because it continuously monitors parameters to set up Business Intelligence strategies.